For Immediate Release: Tiger Lily Marketing and eSAX Virtual Events are pleased to announce a partnership agreement that will expand the already thriving eSAX events platform as users continue to embrace immersive virtual conferences. COVID-19 continues to restrict travel, and on-line engagement reduces both travel costs and environmental impact of large corporate events.

eSAX Virtual Events provides real-time, face-to-face networking opportunities that leaves participants feeling like they really were “in the room.” With many high-profile virtual events under its fedora (its signature logo), this virtual event company has garnered rave reviews.

Says eSAX Founder and CEO Jarrod Goldsmith, “As people accept that virtual events will continue to be a part of our lives long after COVID-19, our platform is on the cutting-edge of technology and offers a more humane and immersive experience than anything currently on the market.”

Says Tiger Lily Marketing CEO Kimothy Walker, “With ‘tele-meeting’ platforms, loud people dominate, quiet people can’t get a word in, while others ask themselves why they attended in the first place. With the eSAX Virtual Event platform, one can easily see, locate, interact with, and connect with anyone at any time. The visual display is compelling and engaging, making for an overall better networking experience.”

For many business owners, the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging. As an event planner and musician, Goldsmith realized his two businesses would face extreme difficulties if he did not adopt and adapt to a virtual business model. By combining and channelling his organizational and performance-based background and skills, he began hosting virtual events for others.

“Partnering with Tiger Lily Marketing is the perfect solution to expand in every way, and we are pleased to collaborate and show Ottawa is thriving as a technology-led innovator,” says Goldsmith.

“At TLM we connect our clients and help facilitate communication. What a remarkable collaboration this is for us. What Jarrod has built with his business is truly outstanding and it speaks to everything Tiger Lily Marketing is,” says Walker. “It puts people together to build great things. That’s why we collaborate with savvy businesses like eSAX Virtual Events.”

About Jarrod Goldsmith:
Known for his signature fedora, and founder of eSAX Virtual Events, Jarrod Goldsmith is a Canadian community builder, avid networker, archaeologist, YouTuber, podcaster, and professional musician who also founded Sax Appeal. eSAX Virtual Events are hosted by a personable virtual event professional that makes them unique, memorable and inclusive—a tip of the hat to Goldsmith’s keen eye for perfection.

About Kimothy Walker:
After 25 years in front of a TV camera, Kimothy Walker launched Tiger Lily Marketing, originally under another name but rebranded in 2019 as a tribute to her late father whose nickname for her was “Tiger Lily.” Walker equates tiger lilies with resilience and strength—which extends to entrepreneurship—because the flowers can grow in Canadian ditches despite being buried under road salt. Comprising a team of marketing, communications and media professionals, Tiger Lily Marketing is also inspired by Walker’s mentorship under the late Max Keeping, who valued teamwork and surrounded himself with the very best in the industry.

By choosing Tiger Lily Marketing, our clients benefit from executive-level media and marketing expertise that is diversified, agile and completely scalable.

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